Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where cheap credit card processing and excellent yet affordable SEO meet.

Our program includes:

FREE START UP/SET UP-Machine Rental $15.00/month available upon request
$5.00 monthly Statement Fee
No monthly Minimums!
1.69% Visa/MasterCard Qualified Swipe Rate
1.19% Debit
$0.18 per transaction
$99.00 Annual Fee ($100 rebate from Affiliated Merchant Services upon approval)
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FREE 2 page WEBSITE-HOME PAGE AND CONTACT PAGE FREE WITH MERCHANT ACCOUNT!! Ask about how your business may qualify today for a larger free website when you open your merchant account! We can help your free site get to the top of the Google search engine!

RATE REVIEW AFTER 90 DAYS- You can only go down in rates/fees
Call or email for information!! 866-976-4983 or Apply Now


If we can't beat your current processing rate then we will give you $100.00 call for details!

The best merchant account provider in the world today! We have low cost credit card processing machines with even lower discount rates and transactions fees. Our monthly merchant account statement fee is just $5.00. Credit card processing rates are reviewed every 90 days and can only go down!!

It is no secret that merchant account providers and SEO companies are all over the internet more so than ever in 2009. It is also true that many of the companies can offer a potential client a "great deal".

However, there are not many companies that are able to offer both cheap credit card processing and guaranteed SEO results with in one month. When you add in some of the other perks that Affiliated Merchants Services has put together with Top Ranked Sites Today; such as the Restaurant promo or their up to 50% discount on monthly SEO/PPC/SEM services when you use more than one marketing services with TRST.

Our interchange plus pricing program, at Affiliated Merchant Services, gives merchants the opportunity to enjoy the lowest cost for payment proccessing whether they procress payments online or face to face.

Merchants can get set up at no cost and there are no long time contracts or hidden fees. Interchange plus pricing is 100% transparent and all of your fees and charges could not be any more clear at the end of the month.

Affiliated Merchant Services will never debit discount fees or transtion fees from your batch. We also do not charge any batch header fees or other knick knack processing fees that some merchant account providers use to pad their bottom line. We do not hold funds for an extra day to make interest off hold funds like some banks have been known to do. You get your funds when you are suppose to and when you should expect it: within 2 to 3 business days.

We even work with hard to place merchant and "High Risk Merchants".

Please feel free to call or email should you have any questions about how we can help your business save money and expand it's online prescence. Call today 877-976-4983


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